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The requirements of machine tools and cutting tools for automobile die making

Time: 2017-01-17

1、Requirements for machine tools

Automobile stamping die manufacturing equipment requirements, mainly in terms of stability and reliability.

I recently went to a mold enterprise, the enterprise staff said in talking about its use of several sets of equipment and the newly installed a machining center, it is very important to keep the precision of equipment. At the same time, the staff pointed out that now the equipment become more and more dependent on the equipment installation personnel skills and occupation quality, equipment installation personnel must take the equipment installation, debugging to the best state, points in the training of operating personnel must be emphasized use and maintenance of equipment and its result.

Mold manufacturing enterprises to spend huge sums of money to buy equipment have great expectations, which requires the parties to achieve their intended goals, to achieve win-win and harmony. If the equipment manufacturers can regularly visit the user and on-site service, and even some overhaul services and transformation, etc..

2、Requirements for cutting tools

On the requirements of the tool, the author had talked about, mainly in the following points :

①Quality: Quality is the premise, and the quality of the requirements is endless. The total service life and the primary grinding life are the indexes.

②Price: The more in the field of full competition, the role of the price is greater. Price is the measure.

③R & D Capability: New launch capability includes at least two aspects: one is the ability to respond to customer needs, users fear tool suppliers to ignore their needs, such as customers don't need supplier is highly recommended, the customer need products but can not provide solutions, this is confusing. But now there is a big change in this area, we see some mature targeted solutions; two is the new product design and manufacturing capabilities, which is a test of the strength of manufacturing technology suppliers.

Of course, and not all requirements of customers is reasonable or feasible, but the supplier (including ourselves as others have the obligation of suppliers) a careful analysis of the needs of customers and provide customers with professional solutions based on the existing technical level. Therefore, it is a very important and realistic aspect to test the ability of the supplier to develop a professional or technical solution to the existing technical level.

④Delivery date: at present, the reduction of inventory has become the subject of all competitive industries must face, so the shorter delivery time is particularly important. Close to the customer to establish a reasonable inventory has become a realistic solution, the closer the faster. Tool suppliers are no exception.

Typical enterprise: Dongfeng die stamping

The mold industry is a technology intensive, capital intensive and labor-intensive industry, large investment, long payback period, so it is difficult to rapidly expand, stamping business is relatively easy and simple but lack the support of core technology. Dongfeng die stamping technology Co., Ltd. through the larger stamping business to support the rapid development of mold business, mold, stamping interaction, mutual promotion.

Dongfeng stamping company is in the integration of the East under the original three companies die and punching welding manufacturing resources was established, business scope has been extended to a single product from past present mold, stamping, welding products, can provide different products and more widely for different user service. The company's total assets of more than 1 billion, nearly 2000 employees, 2008 sales revenue of $740 million.

At present, the "Digital Manufacturing" has covered the whole process chain of mold design and manufacturing. The application of PDM technology has realized the whole process of collaborative management. On the whole, Dongfeng die stamping has the annual development, design, manufacture of 1.5 vehicle body mold and stamping production and assembly of the comprehensive strength of welding, is an important force in the service of China's automobile industry.

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